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Research project 'NEWS'
I am Joey van Dijk at the age of 26 years and still a student, who lives in the Dutch city Leiden.
After I finished my bachelor Mediatechnology study at the HBO in Amersfoort I wanted to get more insight in conceptual brainstorming/design for development of new Mediatechnology applications. I proceeded my study with a master Mediatechnology at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands

Yes, you read it right, twice the same kind of study but with a different perspective/vision. The master study demands more perspective and visionary thinking and provides personal developments of creativity, innovation power, technology capabilities and research methods. It is about exploring the areas inside markets by using present technologies in a new innovative way to propose new and better technical solutions for applications in the market.
Are you familiar with RSS (Really Simple Syndication)? It is a XML-format being used for web syndication to provide newsreaders with articles.
I use RSS most effectively on a daily basis for retrieving various articles from about 90 newsfeeds to find out which events happen daily in the world.M
Because I use different newsfeeds I sometimes get 60 duplicate articles/day, which I donĂ­t like. At an amount of about 300 articles (I receive every day) it is too much!

My objective is to reduce the daily number of duplicates. I intend to research if it is possible to index news on a more semantic level. With this I mean no combinations of keywords (like Google applies), but to capture knowledge from the root idea of each article by researching the structure of sentences.

My goal is to get a better insight about how articles can be more personalized to each individual (some kind of on-demand news) and if duplicate entries can be excluded.
While I don't have all the knowledge of the world, I need the knowledge of experts in the fields of computer science, linguistics and artificial intelligence.
I am trained in thinking out-of-the box and therefore I am conceptually well educated, but to come up with solutions I need feedback/professional expertise from experts.

I am contacting experts to discover more about the pros/cons of different technologies. I intend to come up with a good and well considered solution for my problem.
For any questions/remarks or responses you can contact me at contact at joeyvandijk.nl
I understand that not everybody has a Adobe Flash Player plugin, especially not in educational/corporate organisations, but it enables me to give some insight in what am thinking about,... in a visual way.

So I would like to ask you if you would update your Flash Player (if not restricted) to discover more information about my graduation research.